3 Good Tips to Help Preserve Fresh Fruit for a Long Time in Export Business

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Grasping methods to keep fruit fresh for a long time is the most important concern of businesses trading fresh fruit for export, especially when mold and humidity are common in our country.

This preservation is even more important when it is necessary to preserve fruit during transportation abroad.

3 Methods Commonly Used by Export Enterprises to Preserve Fresh Fruit for a Long Time

Wash with Ozone or chlorine water.

Apply wax to the tip of the fruit stem, where it was just cut, to help prevent bacteria from entering through the open cut.

Keep fruit cool during transport.

During preservation, how to keep fruit fresh for a long time is an important factor in preventing dangerous diseases that come from using fruit contaminated by bacteria.

Find out the best time to preserve fruit.

The things you need to know during the preservation process are an issue that receives great attention from export businesses, so please join us to find the answer right below.

How to Preserve Fruit Fastest and Easiest

Although there are effective ways to keep fruit fresh for a long time, you still need to pay attention to the following points so that your fruit is absolutely protected. The first thing to note is that the longevity of fruit depends on the type of fruit and the choice of the most appropriate preservation method.

Avoid choosing incorrect storage methods that will make the fruit’s condition worse. No matter what you do to keep fruit fresher, don’t overdo it.

Because fruit is still a fresh food and has a certain ripening time, over that time the decomposition process will occur no matter how well preserved.

Fruits should be used within a period of 1 – 2 weeks depending on the type of fruit to ensure that the vitamins in the fruit are not transformed into toxins.

At this time, preservation needs to be given more attention, helping businesses save on preservation costs while still using preservation methods that are safe for consumers’ health.

Absolutely avoid using chemicals of unknown origin that are harmful to users’ health.

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