Watering passion fruit trees effectively in the dry season

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The dry season in the Central Highlands is hot and sunny for a long time, with rising temperatures causing passion fruit trees to often lack water. Therefore, people need to water fully and promptly for passion fruit trees to grow and develop well, limiting the effects of weather. When passion fruit trees lack juice, the fruit will become soft, the skin will be wrinkled, the flower setting rate will be poor, and crop productivity will decrease.

To water passion fruit trees effectively in the dry season, people need to apply the following measures:

Regularly check soil moisture by observing and checking the soil surface. Make sure the soil does not dry out.
Water in the early morning or late afternoon. Avoid watering at noon because high temperatures and hot weather will cause heat shock, affecting passion fruit trees.
Drip irrigation combined with overhead sprinkler irrigation is an effective method because it both saves water and provides timely water for passion fruit plants.

Van Xuan Agri hopes this information will help farmers care for passion fruit trees. Those who are interested in learning about and ordering quality, reputable passion fruit varieties with clear origins, please visit HERE.

Or you can also contact the hotline directly: 0862.4567.55 – 079.248.7777 to receive advice from Van Xuan Agri staff on the most suitable tree varieties.

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