Watering passion fruit trees effectively in the dry season

The dry season in the Central Highlands is hot and sunny for a long time, with rising temperatures causing passion fruit trees to often lack water. Therefore, people need to water fully and promptly for passion fruit trees to grow and develop well, limiting the effects of weather. When passion fruit trees lack juice, the […]

Gia Lai aims to develop passion fruit into a key crop

On the afternoon of March 29, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gia Lai Provincial Cooperative Alliance and Nafoods Group Joint Stock Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation on the development of passion fruit and vegetables according to the Decree No. Project to develop vegetable, flower and fruit tree production in Gia […]

How to grow organic passion fruit to meet export standards?

Growing organic passion fruit is a common trend among farmers today. Why? Because this tree is easy to grow and care for, it brings high economic efficiency. Farmers in Vietnam are also expanding passion fruit production for export to the world. But for passion fruit trees to meet high standards and meet customer requirements, planting […]

Lose weight with the formula from passion fruit juice at home

Many people think that if you drink a lot of passion fruit, it will affect the stomach. In fact, they are completely harmless if you do not abuse them. In addition, passion fruit also has an effective and economical weight loss effect. In addition, passion fruit also has the effect of reducing blood sugar levels, which […]

3 Good Tips to Help Preserve Fresh Fruit for a Long Time in Export Business

Grasping methods to keep fruit fresh for a long time is the most important concern of businesses trading fresh fruit for export, especially when mold and humidity are common in our country. This preservation is even more important when it is necessary to preserve fruit during transportation abroad. 3 Methods Commonly Used by Export Enterprises […]

Nutrition from frozen passion fruit juice

Frozen passion fruit, also known as frozen passion fruit, is a tropical fruit that is rich in nutrients and is easy to prepare into a drink that helps purify the body. Although a passion fruit is small, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants… passion fruit frozen with quick freezing technology, retains its original aroma compared […]

Learn about Passion Fruit and its applications in life

It is no stranger to Vietnamese people, with its typical sweet and sour taste and cool scent. Passion fruit is always popular when summer comes. Not just a refreshing drink. Passion fruit is also a particularly good medicine for health due to the rich source of vitamins from this fruit. Join Van Xuan to learn […]

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