Color Yellow
Appearance Jackfruit bulb with seeds

Jackfruit bulb seedless

Half-cut jackfruit bulb seedless

Packaging 1kg – 5kg / PE bag/carton, bulk packing or as requirements
Storage condition Keep at minus 18 degree Celsius or below
Shelf life 24 months
Application Food and beverage


Frozen jackfruit has very high nutritional value. Therefore, it is widely used in processing different types of foods. This is one of the most popular Vietnamese agricultural products exported today. At Van Xuan Agri, frozen jackfruit is produced and processed carefully. And frozen according to a closed technological line to meet the export market. Thanks to that, it meets the standards of split jackfruit exported to major markets such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Currently, there are two varieties of jackfruit that are mainly used in freezing, La Bang jackfruit and Thai jackfruit. At that time, Thai Jackfruit’s skin begins to change from green to light yellow when ripe, with a fragrant smell. Thai jackfruit has many bulbs, large, and thick, has a striking orange-yellow color, and with small jackfruit seeds. When eaten, Thai jackfruit has a moderate sweet taste and is crunchy. La Bang jackfruit is different from Thai jackfruit in that its bulbs are larger and have a lighter yellow color than Thai jackfruit. Both types are very suitable for freezing. If you have any needs, please contact us to be provided with the most complete information.


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