Frozen passion fruit juice with seeds (or frozen passion fruit juice with seeds) is a product that is frozen on modern lines in the form of 25 x 25 mm square blocks. The product is sourced from carefully selected passion fruit. Thanks to that, even after freezing, frozen passion fruit juice still retains its rich flavor and beautiful golden color.

Food processing Slow freezing according to BQF . standards
Color Naturally yellow orange
Appearance Passion fruit seeds, pellets, brix min 13
Packaging 1kg, 2kg or 10kg/PE bag/carton or according to customer requirements
Storage condition – 18 ℃
Shelf life 24 months
Applications Food and Beverage Industry


Passion fruit is not easy to use directly, but FROZEN PASSION FRUIT SEEDLESS CUBES is vice versa, We easily come across food/drinks from passion fruit juice at restaurants, bars and in our own kitchens. Why is passion fruit juice with frozen seeds in tablet form so famous? Where is a reputable supplier of frozen lemon juice? Here are some useful tips for you.


Passion fruit juice is the yellow pulp, consisting of water and seeds inside a fresh passion fruit. After being preliminarily cleaned, people will split the passion fruit to separate this juice. Frozen passion fruit juice with pellets is the finished product created from fresh passion fruit juice after completely freezing in the form of small square tablets.


Normally, lemon juice is light yellow, unseeded, and has the original strong flavor of passion fruit. Compared with fresh passion fruit, many people often choose frozen passion fruit juice to save processing time, preserve it for a long time, etc.

Frozen passion fruit cubes seedless can be done in the following steps

  1. Prepare ingredients: we select ripe and fragrant fresh passion fruit. They are washed 3 times by a washing machine
  2. Separate passion fruit pulp: will use a half-cutting machine line, and a machine to get passion fruit juice.
  3. Remove seeds and freeze: The mixture of passion fruit PULP will be separated from seeds and impurities and then poured into trays. The freezing process causes the pulp to solidify and become hard cubes
  4. Packaging and storage: After production, frozen passion fruit cube seedless will be packed in bags and stored at low temperatures to preserve quality and taste.

Nutritional content in frozen passion fruit juice with seeds.

Passion fruit juice with seeds contains many essential nutrients for the body, including:

Vitamin C: Passion fruit juice with seeds is an extremely rich source of vitamin C. According to research from the US Department of Health, one cup of passion fruit juice (240ml) provides about 73% of the vitamin C needed by a person for the day.

Fiber: Passion fruit juice with seeds also contains a lot of fiber to help strengthen the digestive system, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

Kali: Passion fruit juice with frozen seeds is also a rich source of potassium. Helps maintain stable blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

In addition, frozen passion fruit pulp with seeds also contains some minerals and vitamins such as calcium, copper, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and A.

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Passion fruit cube with seeds benefits

Long shelf life: Passion fruit cube after being frozen has a shelf life of up to 2 years if stored correctly. Taste and nutrition in passion fruit retained 80% – 90% compared to fresh passion fruit.

Convenience: Unlike regular frozen passion fruit pulp which is divided into bags, frozen passion fruit cubes are divided into regular squares then you can easily adjust the quantity when processing.

Easy to store: Instead of having to defrost the entire product, you can simply take a few frozen passion fruit cubes to use when needed. This makes preserving passion fruit simpler and longer.

Enhanced flavor: Passion fruit cubes with seeds are sweet and a little sour. The flavor from the passion fruit will be fully retained. Give customers a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction every time they enjoy.

Bring many health benefits: Passion fruit cube with seeds also bring many unexpected health benefits. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food has shown that consuming passion fruit helps reduce blood sugar and the risk of diabetes. Passion fruit seeds are also useful in improving cardiovascular problems, inhibiting cancer cells, etc.

Use to cook many dishes and drinks: With just 2-3 frozen passion fruit cubes with seeds, you can make delicious passion fruit smoothies or some other dishes like Salad sauce, beef with passion fruit sauce, passion fruit tea, milk tea, beef with passion fruit sauce, etc.

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Where to buy reputable frozen seedless passion fruit cubes?

Currently, there are many suppliers of frozen seedless passion fruit cubes. However, not all suppliers have safe and hygienic food preservation and right freezing methods and still retain the same taste and nutrients as fresh passion fruit juice.

Van Xuan Agri is a unit specializing in providing frozen seedless passion fruit cubes to serve the needs of domestic use and export.

Van Xuan Agri’s products have obtained certificates of food hygiene and safety and ISO certification. We use BQF (Blast Quick Freezing) freezing method to keep the flavor of passion fruit juice. The freezing process is quick, making sure bacteria can’t get into the food. At the same time, the formation of ice crystals in foods is very small, which helps to keep the cell structure and nutrients intact. The product will retain its original shape and will not be altered during transportation.

Are you looking for quality frozen granulated passion fruit juice with the best price in the market? If you are interested this item, please contact us via Hotline: 84079 248 7777 for further advice.


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