Color Pink red
Appearance Whole dragon fruit

Whole peeled dragon fruit

Half-cut dragon fruit

Cube dragon fruit 25x25mm

Sliced dragon fruit

Packaging 1kg – 5kg / PE bag/carton, bulk packing or as requirements
Storage condition Keep at minus 18 degree Celsius or below
Shelf life 24 months
Application Food and beverage


Red-flesh dragon fruit is widely grown in the western region of Vietnam.

Compared to white-fleshed dragon fruit, red-fleshed dragon fruit has an eye-catching color and sweeter taste.

Red dragon fruit is widely used in the preparation of foods and drinks such as sauces, bread, ice cream, smoothies, sobert, etc. Dragon fruit is a low-calorie fruit but brings many nutrients, so dragon fruit is a fruit chosen by many customers today.

Frozen red dragon fruit from Van Xuan Agri factory will give you peace of mind about quality and appearance. After being pre-processed, the dragon fruit will be frozen. Dragon fruit can be packaged in designed bags provided by customers or packed into large bags for customers to process and repackage.

To buy frozen red dragon fruit, you can call to hotline at 0084.0792.48.7777 or email us at


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