Frozen sliced galangal

Food processing Deep-frozen
Color Light yellow
Appearance Sliced
Packaging 150g ( gói) hoặc tùy theo người mua yêu cầu
condition storage – 18 ℃
Shelf life N/A
Applications Digestion, swelling, pain relief; Treatment of leprosy; Vomiting, indigestion; Ợ gas, heartburn; Stomachache; Abdominal pain due to cold, diarrhea; Joint pain; Cure toothache.


Frozen sliced galangal is completely processed by Van Xuan Agri on modern technological lines. Each galangal tuber is carefully selected, sliced at regular intervals of 1-2 cm and quickly frozen.

Properties of taste and effects: Spicy, hot, fragrant; has the effect of supporting the spleen to help digestion and relieve pain; It also has a stimulant and cough-reducing effect. The rhizome is also used as a spice and as a yeast. Not only known for its medicinal uses, galangal is also used as a seasoning to marinate foods before processing, creating delicious and attractive dishes.

Some dishes prepared with galangal: Braised chicken with galangal and lemongrass, Grilled bacon with galangal, Dog meat cooked with galangal… The galangal tubers distributed by Van Xuan do not use soaking chemicals, growth stimulants, toxic preservatives. harmful to the health of consumers.


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