Glutinous corn with frozen fruit

Food processing Deep-frozen
Color Light yellow
Appearance Whole fruit
Packaging 150g (pack)
condition storage – 18 ℃
Shelf life N/A
Applications Stimulates digestion, Fights anemia, Provides many vitamins and minerals, Controls high blood pressure.


Glutinous corn varieties are grown and harvested in the West, ensuring no pesticide residues.

Grading: The corn is selected and graded to remove those that are borer, which do not meet the shape. Wash Sticky corn is washed through the ozone system to disinfect. Packing After steaming, corn is packed in 500gr PE bags and vacuum sealed to help preserve the product better. Freezing Frozen sticky corn products are frozen at -18 degrees Celsius. The shelf life is 12 months when kept at the right storage temperature.


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