Color Yellow
Appearance Kaew or Catchu mango

Cube mango 20×20 mm

Sliced mango

Cut-half mango and mango stick

Whole peeled mango

Packaging 01kg PE bag/carton box or bulk pack 10kg/carton box or as requirements
Storage condition Keep at minus 18 degree Celsius or below
Shelf life 24 months
Application Food and beverage


Frozen mango is a fruit that many domestic and foreign customers love for its flavor. When ripe, mangoes have an attractive sweet and sour taste.

Van Xuan Agri’s frozen mangoes are purchased from fruit warehouses in the Western provinces of Vietnam. After being cleaned, the mango will be washed, peeled, cut into cubes or sliced ​​depending on requirements and then frozen. Frozen mango is extremely convenient because users can use it directly or prepare nutritious drinks such as smoothies, ice cream, etc. without having to peel, cut into small pieces and without worrying about storage time

There are two popular varieties of mango: Kaew mango and Cat chu mango. Cat chu mango will be sweeter than Kaew mango. If you love mango with a lot of sweetness, then Cat chu mango is the right choice, and if you aim for a slightly sweet and sour fruit, then Kaew mango is the ideal mango for you to trust.

Van Xuan Agri’s frozen mangoes are processed according to standard food hygiene and safety procedures. Mangoes are cut according to customer requirements. Regarding packaging specifications, Van Xuan Agri can package according to the factory’s specifications and brand or customize customer’s own brand.

To buy frozen mangoes, you can contact hotline: +84. 0792.48.7777 or email the company at:


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