Food processing Deep-frozen
Color Naturally yellow orange
Appearance frozen seedless fruit pulp, brix min 13
Packaging 10kg/20kg/bag/carton/or according to customer requirements
Storage condition – 18 ℃
Shelf life 24 months
Applications Food and Beverage Industry


Van Xuan Agri’s frozen seedless passion fruit pulp is selected from fresh ingredients, no pesticides and no preservatives in processing to ensure product quality.

After processing, passion fruit is packed in PE zip bags and frozen at -40 degrees Celsius to ensure freshness and natural color.

Passion fruit juice bags are placed in baskets and stored at -18 to -22 degrees Celsius to keep quality throughout the whole process of storage and transportation by refrigerated

It has a tough outer rind and juicy, seed-filled center. Passion fruit is the fruit of the Passiflora vine, a type of passion flower. There are several types that vary in size and color. Purple and yellow varieties are the most commonly available ones.

Passion fruit is a nutritious tropical fruit that is gaining popularity, especially among health-conscious people. Despite its small size, it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and plant compounds that could benefit your health. After the passion fruit is harvested, it will be selected, washed, and cut in half.

The pulp which is taken from the passion fruit waste is removed seeds, then put into a bag and freeze. Product quality is guaranteed in terms of deep frozen, product freshness after freezing, color and flavor of passion fruit still preserved after defrosting. Frozen passion fruit juice products are processed and stored at -18 degrees Celsius to ensure the quality and natural flavor of fresh fruit.

Modern freezing technology brings products that are not only good in quality but also keep beneficial to human health


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