Color White
Appearance Whole dragon fruit

Whole peeled dragon fruit

Half-cut dragon fruit

Cube dragon fruit 25x25mm

Sliced dragon fruit

Packaging 1kg – 5kg / PE bag/carton, bulk packing or as requirements
Storage condition Keep at minus 18 degree Celsius or below
Shelf life 24 months
Application Food and beverage


Van Xuan Agri Joint Stock Company specializes in processing and supplying frozen agricultural products for export such as dragon fruit, watermelon, passion fruit, jackfruit, etc.

Currently, we supply frozen white-fleshed dragon fruit in large quantities. Frozen dragon fruit still retains its characteristic natural sweetness, no chemical sugar, and a rich, fresh flavor

Frozen white-flesh dragon fruit is produced in the following forms: whole fruit with skin, peeled, cut in half, diced, dragon fruit juice, etc. The product is made entirely from fresh fruit with raw materials. Carefully selected according to standards from gardens grown according to farmers’ farming procedures. After preliminary processing, the product is frozen immediately after processing to ensure the flavor, color, freshness and nutrition of the product is retained.

Diverse products are packaged in packaging of different weights, providing customers the best convenience.

Frozen white-flesh dragon fruit can be processed into customized dishes according to consumer needs such as ice cream, and smoothies, or used directly. If you have any needs, please contact us to be provided more information.



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